The advantage of the H&E manual

Every seafarer is accustomed with the many separate checklists and procedures in the field of people and environment. Many crewmembers can hardly keep track of what is what: CFC, RI&E, SEEMP, EEDI, SOPEP, NOX… Do all of your crewmembers know what these abbreviations stand for, where on board they can be found, and what they are supposed to be used for? Are all of these norms even fully covered by on-board procedures?

And given that IMO has already begun implementing new legislation: are you sure you are up to the new code?


De Bock Maritiem B.V. has developed a manual which answers all of these questions: the H&E manual.

The H&E (Health & Environment) manual is the foremost collection of all relevant legislation and procedures in the field of people and environment, similar to, for example, the field of safety and operating procedures as detailed by the ISM manual.

Note that the H&E manual is not an additional book! It is a compilation of all existing legislation, plus upcoming legislation where known. Implementing the H&E manual means being able to skip a whole host of individual manuals!


The manual consists of existing and upcoming procedures:

  • Existing legislation
  • Upcoming legislation
  • Garbage management, Sulphur emissions, Water ballast, Oilrecord guide, Ship sanitation, CFK, RI&E, SEEMP/EEDI and
  • Bio-fouling, NOX, Avoiding strikes with whales, under water noiseand Black carbon.
  • The manual consists of three volumes. Volumes one and two comprise procedures; volume three covers the records.


This manual is tailored to your own business situation. The most important benefits are:

  • A fully up-to-date fleet with all existing as well as upcoming legislation and procedures regarding people and environment aboard maritime ships;
  • An accessible compilation of relevant legislative records, available as a practical reminder to the crew at all times. No more scrambling for manuals, no more omitted entries; nothing less than full clarity regarding all relevant procedures;
  • A lasting good impression at inspections (PSC, MARPOL, etc.);
  • A reference guide for crewmembers and office staff alike;
  • Familiarity with upcoming procedures;
  • Advance preparedness;
  • Simplification at no extra cost to the crew;
  • Automatic updates to the manual based on legislative changes, available via subscription;

Using the manual by De Bock Maritiem, you can make your life and that of inspectors a lot simpler. Toss your outdated ballast overboard and start afresh – with a manageable, accessible, and up-to-date H&E manual.