Hold & Hatches Survey

Our surveyors can carry out an inspection of hold and hatches for cargo stakeholders, ship-owners or insurers.



Poor weather-tightness of hatches is the cause of a large percentage of cargo claims.

Hatch inspections by De Bock Maritime Services serve evidence that the condition of the hatches is sufficient to transport the cargo clean and dry.

Our inspectors:

  • Perform ultrasonic leak detection tests with class-approved equipment.
  • Perform visual inspections to hatches and hatch rubbers.
  • Perform visual inspections to other covers of the hold such as manholes, hold entrances and ventilation flaps.
  • Process the findings in a clear report.



A surveyor of De Bock Maritime Services can, based on the cargo requirements, determine whether the hold is ready for loading. Our inspections take a number of factors into account which may affect the quality of the cargo. Our skilled, experienced inspectors:

  • Make sure the hold is free of rust particles or paint residues that could contaminate or discolour the load.
  • Offer the certainty that the hold is clean, dry and without any previous cargo remains, including less accessible places such as bulkheads and bilge wells.
  • Pay special attention to previous cargoes that contain seeds or corn, which could lead to consequences arising from quarantine requirements.
  • Check for signs of moisture or previous water damage in the hold.