Corporate Social Responsibility

What does De Bock Maritiem do about Corporate Social Responsibility?

  • Sponsorship of Zeekadetkorps Alkmaar (youth)
  • Sponsoring Foundation Mary Magdalene Alkmaar (young people)
  • Waste separation in the office
  • Project “Short Sailing.” (exploratory internship)
  • Train trainees.
  • Pathways for re-entry.
  • Motivating staff to eat and live healthy. 
  • Fitness room on board of the ships

At De Bock Maritiem, we do a number of things to promote corporate social responsibility.


We are sponsor of Zeekadetkorps Alkmaar. Every Saturday the sea cadets come together on the corps ship Bulgia to occupy themselves with sailing, rowing, sailing, maintenance of the ship and lots of other fun nautical activities.

We are also sponsor of the Maria Magdalena Foundation. The aim of the Maria Magdalena Foundation is to help young people between 13 and 24 years of age from the Alkmaar region to create their own place in our world. They focus on solving problems and realizing wishes that cannot be solved or realized by the young person himself, his parents and/or education or aid agencies.

Waste separation

At the office we actively do waste separation. The plastic, metal and drinking cartons waste, the paper and cardboard and the residual waste is collected and collected separately.

Short sea sailing

The short passage is a project of the KVNR. You will be able to sail on a ship for two weeks. This is very suitable for people who are not yet sure whether life on board is for them or whether they will opt for a nautical college. We do a lot of ‘short sea sailing’ so people can experience what it is like to work and live on board. This way someone can better decide whether it is a good choice for them to go to a nautical college and choose a life on board.


In addition, we hire trainees every year to complete their internship with us on board. The trainees participate fully with us so that they can complete all assignments and gain real practical experience. The trainees are allowed to work independently and do all the work, whatever the staff does, as a trainee you will fully participate in the company. In this way they are well prepared for what their work will involve later on. De Bock Maritiem has several crew members who started here as interns and joined the company after obtaining their diploma.
We also have trainees at the office, for example as business administrator or receptionist/management assistant. It sometimes happens that these trainees also stay at the office after graduation.

Program for re-entry

If a seafarer has to rejoin the ship, we will be happy to help. Together with the seafarer we ensure that the medical examination and all courses for the necessary certificates are arranged. The seafarer will sail 90 days above strength to regain his license.

Healthy lifestyle

We have chefs on board who provide a varied and healthy meal. We think it’s important that everyone eats healthy and varied. That’s why we encourage our staff to exercise regularly and eat well.
A number of our ships are equipped with a gym where the crew can exercise before or after work.